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2018 Hobey Baker Recipient of Mt. Hope High School!

RYAN CORDEIRO is a Senior at Mt. Hope High School, who participated in the boys' hockey program for the last four years. In my many years of coaching, I've found that some individuals stand out for their great qualities, and Ryan is one of those people. He is well known for his intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork, character, leadership, and diligence. He is well respected among the hockey team for being the "go-to" guy for getting things done.

As one of our team captains, he established a direct communications channel to me. Throughout the time I've known him, he has shown me repeatedly that he is a positive, motivated leader with great potential. During his time at Mt. Hope High School, he played an important role in volunteering and encouraged other members of the team to meet their community service obligations. As the coach of this program, I highly recommend community service to all our team members, as it is rewarding for the individual and strengthens the stance of the school in our community and district.

Every year, Ryan would volunteer for, and encourage his teammates to support the following Ocean State Rhode Races in Narragansett, Newport and Bristol, RI. His assorted responsibilities included - Registration, handing out gear bags, manning numerous Aid Stations, dispensing each runner's nourishment, water, and so on.


Ryan has always treated our coaching staff with respect, and he made certain the rest of his teammates followed suit. His maturity and demeanor when speaking with game officials has been impressive.

In my estimation, he has represented Mt. Hope High School in a most admirable way and was always ready to make sacrifices for the school and his team; his overall family values have led him to establish admirable goals such as contributing time to his community and inspiring his hockey family to join in.

Due to his notable attitude, character, dedication, and outstanding potential, we salute Ryan for his selection as this year's prestigious 2018 Hobey Baker High School Character Award.


Coach Ouellette